twentyfive the story so far...

twenty five songs 

twenty five singers 

two songwriters in a vintage train 

Can they score one hit from 25 chances? 

In 2011 twentyfive aimed to write, record then release a fresh song every two weeks of the year, with a different singer each time. 

twentyfive are two unknown, indie songwriters in a bare bones studio in the industrial West of Melbourne - Australia’s music capital.  They set up a studio in a piece of Melbourne history, a 1957 train carriage, lovingly restored, fitted out with a Tiki Bar and parked in the Newport Railway Workshop, surrounded by the history of Victoria’s railways. 

Catherine Sheahan is a Melbourne songwriter musician. 
Nick Larkins is a Melbourne indie veteran, from bands including Wild Pumpkins At Midnight, Dan Rumour & The Drift (Cruel Sea), and Monique Brumby. 

Catherine loves pop, Nick loves garage rock. She wants jazz flute, he wants a dirty guitar. Is this ever going to work, are they totally deluded, is it an impossible goal?  Will anyone even care or notice in the century of information and product overload?  This is not reality TV, it’s not a competition, it’s real musicians doing their own thing. And we’ve had to wait five years to see the result! 

Tagging along was film crew F-Reel, capturing the friends, the frustrations, the laughs, the whiskey & caffeine, and the music. Their documentary motion picture 25 TRACKS celebrates this community of Melbourne independent musicians, and features the different singers, some of whom are known, and a lot more who should be. Soon to be released - watch this spaaaaaaaace!!!!

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